Air France & KLM sign major SAF supply agreements

In line with our commitment towards creating a more sustainable aviation industry, Air France and KLM have now signed a first set of multi-year Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) supply agreements.

These agreements, signed with Neste and DG fuels, will result in the supply of 1.6 million tons of SAF by 2030 and is a big step towards our Air France-KLM group targets of 10% SAF incorporation by 2030.

The use of SAF is one of the most impactful measures we can use to reduce our CO2 emissions. By committing to long-term fuel purchases we aim to support the global development of SAF production, which is currently still very limited.

Only together, we can stimulate demand and bring sustainable aviation closer. Our long-term purchasing contracts, customer contributions and our partnerships in the Corporate SAF program therefore are important actions in the advancement of production and the transition from the use of conventional, fossil fuel to SAF.

We look forward to add additional suppliers in the future and work together on a more sustainable future for aviation.